Series of six Olivetti machines themed postcards

Illustration, graphic design, layout and production.

From the very first Olivetti typewriter, designed by Eng. Camillo Olivetti in 1911 at Programma 101, the first computer born from the collaboration between Pier Giorgio Perotto and Mario Bellini in 1965, passing through the stylish MP1 and the iconic Lettera 22 and Valentine. With a foray into the world of computing with the first Divisumma: Italian technology and design in the world.

  • Category: Illustration On commission merchandising Posters and Postcards Special Projects
  • Client: Olivetti per tutti, Fondazione Natale Capellaro, Museo Tecnologic@mente, UNESCO Visitor Centre, Spazi-O
  • Place: Ivrea (TO)
  • Year: 2022

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