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These general conditions of sale govern the sale of products marketed by Sara Ricciardi Grafica on its website These conditions are in line with the law in force.


Field of application
By placing an order in the manner provided, the customer declares to have read all the information provided during the purchase procedure and to fully accept the terms and conditions of payment described below.

The information recorded by Sara Ricciardi Grafica documents all the transactions carried out between Sara Ricciardi Grafica and its customers and imply the reading and the relative acceptance of the conditions of sale. Accordingly, no clause can be objected to the extent that it has been formally accepted in writing. The conditions of sale of Sara Ricciardi Grafica supplier exceed those of the customer.

These terms and conditions of sale establish the terms and conditions in which every natural or moral person, of Italian or foreign nationality, orders and purchases the products for sale on the website


The characteristics of the products on sale are listed on the site.

The visual representation of the products on the site, when reported, corresponds to the image that aims to integrate each product sheet. The image of the products is intended to present their characteristics and, for this reason, it has an exemplary and not merely contractual role. There may therefore be slight differences and in cases such as these, what is authentic is the description given in the product sheet.

All images reproduced on, are the exclusive property of Sara Ricciardi. Any reproduction, integral or partial, is strictly prohibited, except with the express consent of Sara Ricciardi Grafica.


Product Specifications
The specific characteristics, such as the dimensions and weight, present in the product data sheet are to be considered indicative. Sara Ricciardi Grafica reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the products in case of obvious need, even after the delivery of the order, without however altering its peculiarities.


All illustrations and images are and remain the exclusive property of Sara Ricciardi Grafica. It is strictly forbidden to transfer this material to third parties.


The prices of the products are VAT exempt (as it complies with the minimum regime: free of VAT, pursuant to Law 190 of 23 December 2014 article 1 paragraphs from 54 to 89, as amended by Law n.208 / 2015) but do not include shipping costs and other possible additional costs. The VAT amount is not indicated, once the product has been selected, while shipping costs are reported before the order confirmation.

Sara Ricciardi Grafica will align itself with any changes to the VAT established by law, within the scheduled dates and terms.

Each type of order must be paid in euros. Sara Ricciardi Grafica reserves the right to update the prices of the products every week; it is understood that the price applied will be the one indicated on the website when the order is placed. The duration and validity of offers and promotions are specified at the time of publication on the site and will remain accessible throughout the advertising campaign.


Online purchases
The customer confirms the order by clicking on the «Buy» button on the order confirmation page. The customer is immediately sent electronically a notification of receipt of the order which is valid as confirmation of the same. The confirmation summarizes all the information related to the purchase. The customer will receive electronic confirmation of the shipment of the ordered items. The information recorded by Sara Ricciardi Grafica confirms the nature, content and date of the order. These refer to the order and are stored in the database of Sara Ricciardi Grafica for the time necessary for the execution of the same; customers who wish to receive further information can contact customer service at

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code on the conclusion of online contracts, the contract is considered concluded when the customer validates his purchase by clicking on the «Buy» button, checking the content and the total price previously.


Order status
An informative e-mail will be sent to the customer to communicate the confirmation, preparation and dispatch of the order.


Payment conditions   ̶ Secure payment
The payment of the product can be made by Paypal or Credit Card (always through the Paypal platform).


Paypal: Through Paypal the user will be protected even in case of non-delivery. In fact, Paypal undertakes to repay the transaction totally and free of charge, including shipping costs. Paypal is a secure payment platform where the data entered remain anonymous and, for this reason, it is also an excellent protection against fraud. The data entered on the Paypal site are processed directly by the same and are never transmitted or shared with Sara Ricciardi Grafica; the e-mail address and password are sufficient. Moreover, Paypal guarantees total protection in case of fraud, reimbursing the amount paid.

The Paypal account is charged for the amount paid and shipping costs when the ordered goods are effectively processed. However, if one of the products is not available within 214 days, the Paypal account will still be charged to avoid the cancellation or tracking of the order.

As soon as the product is available again, it will be immediately sent by Sara Ricciardi Grafica.


Delivery methods
Click here for more information regarding the delivery methods.


Right of withdrawal
The customer has a period of fourteen days to cancel the purchase contract and request cancellation by e-mail. The withdrawal period ends after 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods. In case of differentiated delivery, the date of the last delivery will be valid. Sara Ricciardi Grafica, according to the legislative decree 21 February 2014, n. 21, will reimburse the customer within 14 days following the date of the application, using the payment method used for the purchase.

For its part, the customer undertakes to return the goods within 14 days following the date of application. The customer shall be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods other than what is necessary to establish the nature, features and operation of the goods.

The consumer is in any case responsible for any damage caused to a product through manipulation. Sara Ricciardi Grafica, in concert with the Consumer Code, can therefore decide to retain part of the reimbursement amount, taking into account the decrease in the value of the goods.

In case of return, at the customer’s expense, we invite you to send the goods back to the address indicated on the label that will be provided by the customer service.

It is advisable to put on the package the number communicated at the time of sending the practice of the right of withdrawal.


Case of force majeure
Sara Ricciardi Grafica may temporarily interrupt the performance of its contractual obligations, without incurring any responsibility whatsoever, should there be a fortuitous event or a case of force majeure which prevents, obstacles or delays the fulfillment of the case. In particular, cases of force majeure are considered, by way of non-exhaustive example, riots, insurrections, social unrest, strikes of any kind and the difficulties in supplying Sara Ricciardi Grafica.


Processing of Personal Data

The personal data requested when placing the order are collected and managed by Sara Ricciardi Grafica, in line with EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). These data are to be considered indispensable to satisfy the obligations of the contract.

The customer can request at any time to access, delete or modify such data by ordinary mail or by e-mail (

The commercial communications will be sent only after the explicit consent of the client, issued together with the authorization of the processing and the sending in the online registration form.


Reservation of ownership
The catalog is owned by Sara Ricciardi Grafica. Any reproduction, even partial, of the texts, illustrations, photographs, is strictly prohibited and prosecuted according to the law. Sara Ricciardi Grafica declines any responsibility in case it should, without notice, modify the characteristics of the articles illustrated or drawn in the catalog: it is not obliged to supply the products with the previous, not updated, characteristics.


Intellectual property rights
All texts, images and trademarks that appear on the site are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.

Any unauthorized use will be prosecuted according to the law.

These general conditions of sale refer to current Italian legislation. The products offered for sale are compliant and regulated by Italian law.

Any dispute over the interpretation or implementation of these general conditions of sale and the acts related to it will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts.