Sara Ricciardi

A formation that spreads its roots in clean and geometrical lines; a long professional career that began in the 1980s and evolves into a personal taste for the revolutionary styles of Gaudì, Escher and Bruno Munari.

Dynamic and curious, constantly looking for new and stimulating experiences: from the representation of new trends for large companies to small illustrations for private customers, without fear of “getting their hands dirty” with glue, scissors and colored cards, rediscovering the ancient taste of “creating”.

Working only in the company of good music, always with suitcase ready, loves reading thrillers and cooking for loved ones.

After graduating from the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan in 1987, began career with an internship at Sottsass Associati in Milan.

Collaboration with the Butti e Associati agency in Florence in 1988: coordinated brand identities, packaging and brochures for cosmetic products.

Collaboration with the Valentina Grego studio in Milan from 1989 to 1991: packaging for Alessi, Olivetti Office.

Collaborates with Gregotti Associati International in Milan (with Pierluigi Cerri) from 1991 to 1995: art catalogs for the Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Bonn(Pantheon der Photographie im XX. Jahrhundert by Klaus Honnef; Niki de Saint Phalle; Sam Francis and Territorium Artis edited by Pontus Hulten) and Palazzo Grassi in Venice (Ephemerides on and around Marcel Duchamp and Rrose Sélavy: 1887-1968 by Jennifer Gough-Cooper); brochures for Ferrari Auto; graphics of the exhibitions of the Goths and Centroamerica exhibitions, art treasures of pre-Columbian civilizations (Palazzo Reale in Milan) and The Estrosa Rule, one hundred years of Italian male elegance (Stazione Leopolda in Florence).

Since 1995 till 2021 managing the brand identity of Future Concept Lab in Milan and interacting with special projects, traditional and digital publishing projects. Furthermore deals with the project and the realization of interactive animated presentations, conceptual maps and static and animated info-graphics.

Since 1995 till 2018 managing the brand identity of Future Vision Workshops (from interactive animated presentations to communication and gadgets).

Since 2010 responsible for the brand identity and graphics of FCL do Brasil.

Since 2014 till 2019 responsible for the image of the Festival della Crescita. Creation and design of the logo, the coordinated brand identity, the Moleskine notebooks and rubber stamps, the gadgets, the paper and digital communication, the graphic design of all five editions.

Since 1990, together with her various collaboration projects, working free lance, specialising in the study of logos, brand identities, coordinated images, traditional paper editions and digital publishing, illustration and web.

In charge of the graphics and layout of some publishing projects for Sperling & Kupfer Editori and for independent publishers.

In 2010 the launch of the project Handmade with Love, to reintroduce the beautiful artisan skills of the graphic profession, producing three-dimensional printed images and pop-ups.

In 2011 and 2012 attends the eBook Factory organized by Go Ware and designs and production of eBook for Siska Editore of Pisa, for Francesco Morace and Future Concept Lab of Milan, taking care of the graphics, the definition of css and development (epub 2.0)

From 2013 creates static and animated info-graphics.

From 2014 designs, illustrates and sets up calendars, The organization of my family and The dates I do not want to forget.

Since 2015 he has been working on the Officina Pisarum project, illustrating the architecture of Pisa. With this brand he created in 2019 a merchandising line for Le Navi Antiche di Pisa, the largest museum of ancient boats in Europe and in 2021 an ad hoc stationery line for the University of Pisa,

In 2018 the creation of Sara Ricciardi Grafica: ideas, projects and products: follows its customers from the graphic design to the creation and supply of everything related to their coordinated image; produces and sells prints, illustrations and paintings; realizes integrated merchandising projects from the project to the finished product. In 2021 it was chosen for the realization of the line of charity gadgets Together for CasaInsieme 2021 (after artists of the caliber of Ugo Nespolo, Marco Lodola, Claudio Rotta Loria, Paolo Marengo, Piero Gilardi, Mimmo Jodice, Francesco Corni, Gianni Depaoli, Davide Camisasca) for which he illustrated the old brick factory of Olivetti, the new ICO, the Ponte Vecchio and the Baroque Church of San Gaudenzio, declining them in a line of stationery and magnets products.