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From the presentations and infographics for large companies to the small illustration for private customers, from the development of eBooks to the production of decorative objects, Sara Ricciardi is an eclectic graphic who lives and works in Pisa.

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– Officina Pisarum –

Allowing ourselves to wander and discover a lesser known Pisa, beyond the Leaning Tower, a world opens up of hidden places waiting to be lived, remembered, loved.

The Pisan architectures, carefully reinterpreted, take the form of notebooks, writing pads, calendars, canvases, in a project designed and developed in Pisa.

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Rêveries, in English «daydream»: style exercises and chromatic combinations, the illustration in itself, made for the personal pleasure of research. This series of printings has distant in time origins, but it is increased thanks to motivations and ideas coming from daily occupation, enriched by field studies.


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